Call Center Furniture

Call Centre Furniture: HB Furniture specializes in making & providing Call Center Solution , Call center furniture a wide discipline of furniture items from workstation cubical to open plan benches ,voice cancellation equipment & sound absorption wall panels, Professional seating for agents which may be used twenty four hours a day HB furniture covers all aspects of a modern day professional call center

Agility panel based Call Center WS
Agility is a 25 mm all laminate board construction ,Call center workplace solution is available in number of materials & color combinations. Perfect for large setting, a competitive and a rugged product.

LOTUS 30mm Call Center WS
LOTUS 30 is the most popular among the aluminum frame call centre solution, a 30 mm thick aluminum frame encages panel board/ glass to form panel walls , Lotus Call center have better acoustical qualities.

GRAVITY 45 mm Call Center WS
HB Gravity 45 is a superior workstation system designed for better noise control in a call center setting. Gravity has 45 mm thick Aluminum channel encage walls made of cloth covered composite panels, Sturdy outlook, is built to last