Tables / Conference

Meeting Tables
Form large scale origination to small size start up HB furniture offers a wide variety of meeting tables made in various materials to fulfill every kind of need.

Conference Table
From traditional to transitional and post modern HB Furniture has the design solution for your specific environment

Training Table
Training tables, more specifically office work tables, are ideal for virtual classrooms and interactive conferences. An open design along with wire management options allow desktop PCs to be easily set up and taken down. Many of these training tables feature a versatile flip top design which makes them easy to set up and take down.

Teleconferencing Table
Teleconferencing Table are the newest addition to the conference table genre. Teleconferencing Table integrate technology into furniture providing long distance communication solution.

Height Adjustable Desk
Height adjustable tables a.k.a sit/stand tables are motorized and manual tabletops solution, meant for the new line of fast past working offices.

Coffee Table
Better designed, occasional tables adds to the aesthetics of any work environment

Rostrum Table
Rostrum/ Lectern are an essential for any meeting or educational facility.